Most designs available in solid 14K Gold too
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What do you see?
All human beings are comprised of every aspect of humanity - the good, the bad, the light, the dark and everything in between. They are pieces of us, as people and as women. As such, they should be explored. Some of us lead with our innocence. Some, with our shadows. We all have both. This collection from Jorie Breonn embraces what we are. It plays with what we see in the mirror, the rear view and how we see society. For example, the ink blot test. The test is designed to reflect ones personality. We all see something different in the abstract images that the ink creates. Our interpretations are not right nor wrong - just different. The truth behind this test is that, while the images reflected are perfectly symmetrical, the test itself serves to illustrate how dynamic I am, you are... we are. How each one of us has countless dualities and contradictions. That is what makes us endlessly interesting.