Most designs available in solid 14K Gold too
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It's a knockout.
I have always loved tattoos… but I love to admire them from a distance! The simple fact that over the years I have considered so many different concepts for that “ever-so-meaningful” first tattoo that I would be unable to count (or recall) them all ultimately explains why I still find myself unmarked to this day. As my mind continues to evolve so do my personal tastes and interests; for me, getting one tattoo would inevitably open the door to another and another and eventually for countless more to reflect my ever-changing objects of affection and sources of inspiration.

Then, one day not so long ago, I came across the above photograph of Agyness Deyn. I thought that her LOVE/HATE tattoo gloves were bad ass and they ultimately inspired me to design a set of LOVE/HATE rings for myself. More words and phrases soon followed as I could finally, at long last, satisfy my almost insatiable desire for variety while at the same time expressing whatever happened to be on my mind in a given day, week, season, etc. I loved having the ability to change my “tattoo” from one day the next so much that I wanted to share this fun and playful concept with everyone… and with that the Knockout collection was born.