Most designs available in solid 14K Gold too
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Care + Maintenance
How to Love It
Remove your jewelry when showering or swimming (especially at the beach!), when exercising, when working in the garden, when doing chores that involve household cleaners, when applying cosmetics, perfumes, oils, moisturizers or tanning sprays and before bed.
Do not let your jewelry come into direct contact with abrasive cleaning products, nail polish remover or hairspray.
Whenever practicable, your jewelry should be the last thing that you put on and the first thing that you take off each day.
Store your Jorie Breonn pieces - separately - in the velvet pouches that each one arrived in. The friction or scratching that would occur from the metal to metal contact of multiple pieces kept in the same pouch could wear down the jewelry's plating.
Occasionally wipe your pieces down with a soft polishing cloth to remove anything that could damage its finish and to restore its shine.
How to Clean It
14k Gold
Create a solution of warm water (never hot) and a soap-free detergent or dish soap and carefully brush your jewelry with a new, soft baby toothbrush. Thoroughly dry your piece(s) after. Keep in mind that gold is a soft metal so be gentle while both brushing and drying it.
14k Gold Plated
When a piece is starting to look a bit dull, restore its shine with a soft polishing cloth. Should it appear particularly dirty, create a solution of warm (never hot) water and a soap-free detergent or dish soap. Carefully brush your jewelry with a new, soft baby toothbrush and thoroughly dry it after.
** Always avoid harsh jewelry cleaners! **
14k Gold Fill Chains
Put your chain under warm (not hot) water and gently rub with a new, soft baby toothbrush to get into the links and clean them well. Never rub your gold fill chain too harshly with a jewelry cleaner or cloth as this could damage the piece unnecessarily.
Sterling Silver
All silver inevitably tarnishes when exposed to air and light but to restore its original gleam use a silver jewelry cleaning product such as Weiman Silver Polish. Also, always thoroughly dry your silver jewelry after exposure to water.