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What each rune means to me :)
Algiz Rune Symbol
divine protection + courage + independence
Often in life one faces overwhelming odds, forces that no one, despite her best efforts, can withstand on her own. Algiz (AHL-geez) is a rune for when such situations arise, offering divine protection from utter destruction. Algiz is also a rune of courage; it emboldens one to channel her inner strength and take decisive action. In doing so Algiz promotes independence, autonomy and spiritual awareness. It encourages an individual to identify and connect with her higher self and to act in alignment with her own personal truth.
Ansuz Rune Symbol
divinity + wisdom + communication
Ansuz (ANH-sooz) is the rune of Odin, the god of wisdom and the father of all other gods. Divine wisdom and power flows through Ansuz to the human world, enabling one to channel the guidance of higher spirits in her pursuit of accessing a boundless trove of ancestral knowledge. Odin’s rune also governs communication and, in particular, highlights the power of spoken language. It encourages mindful diligence when choosing one’s words so as to most effectively preserve and accurately share knowledge over time.
Berkana Rune Symbol
fertility + renewal + healing
Berkana (bur-KAH-na) represents the universal idea of the Goddess and indicates the strong presence of a powerful inclination toward nurturing, protection, support and creation. It is the rune of fertility and growth, new beginnings and renewal, recovery and life changes, physical and spiritual birth and rebirth and of motherhood and sacral wisdom. Berkana is also associated with the birch tree; its energies are healing and life giving and it acts as a sign of regeneration, growth, beauty and new perspective.
Dagaz Rune Symbol
clarity + growth + change
Translated literally, Dagaz (DAY-gahs) means daylight. It suggests that dark times have passed and as things begin to change for the better, past individual difficulties will, in turn, prove to stimulate future personal growth. Dagaz does not whisper of change in the distant future; instead it provides the clarity necessary to recognize that a breakthrough in the process of self transformation is happening in the present. Dagaz encourages one to welcome such change, embrace fresh opportunities and boldly choose an unfamiliar, yet exciting, new direction in her life.
Ehwaz Rune Symbol
cooperation + trust + harmony
Ehwaz (AY-wahz) is the rune of cooperation. It extols the importance of community and suggests that the best course of action in life is not to go at things alone but is instead to work with others to reach common goals. Similarly, Ehwaz symbolizes close personal relationships; its shape is suggestive of two people holding hands, a pair of trusting souls who always have each other’s best interests at heart. Ehwaz also represents the union of the inner and outer selves; when both selves exist in perfect harmony it allows one to live a life of complete integrity.
Eihwaz Rune Symbol
transformation + endurance + deflection
Eihwaz (AYE-wahz) is a symbol of transformation; it encourages one to let go of the past so that she may embrace a future replete with new beginnings, new dreams and new adventures. Eihwaz also suggests that change itself is the only true constant in the world and acceptance of this principle, along with unrelenting effort and enduring patience, enables one to persevere despite all of the discomforts that an unstable environment is certain to present. One who is deft can even deflect the disruptive forces of today to influence the outcomes of tomorrow.
Fehu Rune Symbol
wealth + fulfillment + vigilance
Fehu (FAY-hoo) is the rune of wealth and fulfillment; it can signify financial prosperity, a satisfied ambition or a realized romance. Fehu promises nourishment of the mind, the body and the soul but it also caveats that hard work and follow-through are necessary to realize fulfillment of a desired reward. Proper stewardship of that which has already been gained is paramount and as such Fehu warns that one must exercise vigilance with wealth. Rather than fall prey to reckless bliss, Fehu insists that to become truly wealthy one must give freely and abundantly however and whenever possible.
Gebo Rune Symbol
good fortune + generosity + love
Gebo (GAY-bow) is the rune that predicts good fortune. It can appear in myriad forms, ranging from material gifts to discovering a new skill or ability to love-related serendipity to being the recipient of unconditional hospitality. Gebo resembles a cross with equal length, wide open arms and through its uniformity acts as a symbol of love, representing partnership and balance. It serves as a reminder that when the acts of giving and taking are in perfect harmony, good fortune and love can flourish without restriction.
Hagalaz Rune Symbol
change + new beginning + freedom
Hagalaz (HA-guh-laz) portends change. It acts as a reminder that there are disruptive influences in nature that cannot be controlled. Hagalaz is frozen hail; its destructive and transformative forces create a clear path for rebirth and play an active role in shaping a new, more resilient life. The hallmark outcomes of the Hagalaz hailstorm are freedom, liberation and an original perspective on life. Fresh ideas will germinate and unfamiliar opportunities, those never thought possible before, will begin to emerge.
Ingwaz Rune Symbol
energy + growth + wholeness
Much like a seed, Ingwaz (NG-wahz) represents an accumulation of stored energy in the form of pure, concentrated potential. One may herself act as the catalyst required to unlock this previously untapped energy and in doing so actively set her own journey of personal growth in motion. Ingwaz references the type of individual development that manifests from a series of steady, incremental changes over time and ultimately signals the integration of the four selves: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As such, Ingwaz symbolizes the enduring drive toward completion, totality and wholeness.
Isa Rune Symbol
stasis + self-awareness + inertia
While many of the Elder Futhark runes suggest some form of action, Isa (EEE-sah) demands the direct opposite: stasis. It is a rune of control and self-awareness, encouraging one to contemplate everything but decide nothing and to set aside passions in favor of maintaining an objective point of view. Sometimes a period of inertia is all that may be required to reach new heights in life; one’s attention can then be diverted from outside turmoil to instead focus on her own inner journey. To be still, Isa suggests, demonstrates not only courage and self-control but also tact and wisdom.
Jera Rune Symbol
stasis + self-awareness + inertia
Jera (YARE-uh) is the rune of natural rhythms; it reveals that all things run in cycles that, when taken in totality, balance out the world. This phenomenon can be most readily observed with the change of seasons: winter nourishes and waters the soil, spring brings new growth, summer is the time of ripening and autumn yields the harvest. Jera encourages one to work in harmony with the passage of time; it indicates that the bounties of fervent effort will come to fruition in due course. Jera, however, also reminds one to remain diligent, as she will reap only what sows.
Kenaz Rune Symbol
knowledge + enlightenment + curiosity
Kenaz (KAY-nahz) is the rune of knowledge and enlightenment; it acts as a torch, illuminating one’s path forward in life. Kenaz represents the willingness to seek out truths by not only considering scientific facts but also through logical reasoning. Further, it encourages one to continuously fan the flames of her own intellectual curiosity. Kenaz suggests that a truly curious mind, one with an insatiable thirst for ever more knowledge, is perhaps the most valuable asset that one can have as she forges ahead on her own uniquely personal journey through life.
Laguz Rune Symbol
intuition + creativity + flow
Laguz (LAH-goos) invites one to discover the concept of collective memory and to recognize and embrace the vast extent of her own unconscious mind where the power of intuition reigns supreme over that of conscious reasoning. It depicts endless possibility, pointing to the depths of the soul where peace, wisdom and creativity reside. Laguz foretells that what is most deeply seeded within an individual will indeed manifest, becoming readily apparent to the senses, and ultimately dictate the flow of her own singularly unique life force.
Mannaz Rune Symbol
collectivity + reciprocity + fairness
Mannaz (MAH-nahz) tells of a Self that is strong, capable and independent but is at the same time deeply influenced by and interconnected with the greater community. Mannaz represents the concept of collective existence and stresses the importance of give and take, reminding one to treat others as she herself wishes to be treated. Mannaz is also the rune of fairness; it suggests that greed can be kept in check when all members of a community respect one another. Truly understanding the value of mutual self-interest can lead to limitless success for both the individual and the group.
Nauthiz Rune Symbol
necessity + determination + discipline
Nauthiz (NOW-theez) is a symbol of needs and demands, compulsions and desires, restrictions and endurance. It points to the importance of self-control, patience and purposeful determination so that one can readily discern basic needs from nonessential desires. Nauthiz encourages one to control cravings, support restrictions and set limitations on all things that adversely affect her quality of life. Exercising discipline to overcome temptation increases both mental and physical strength and promotes greater overall feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment.
Othala Rune Symbol
heritage + inheritance + ancestral wisdom
Othala (OWE-tha-la) invites one to discover and embrace her heritage in all forms, from the material to the highly spiritual. It encourages respect of inherited fundamental values and traditions and encourages the practical application of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Othala invites one to embrace and deploy ancestral wisdom and other forms of heritage that reside within, all of which shape her as a truly unique individual, to promote forward progress and to work toward attaining a more desirable future.
Perthro Rune Symbol
mystery + fate + chance
Perthro (PAIR-throw) points to the concepts of randomness, coincidence and infinite possibilities; it is the rune of mystery, fate and the unmanifest. Perthro represents the mysterious force that directs one’s path forward in life, a guiding hand of inevitability toward an entirely unpredictable destination. Perthro also explains that fate is not necessarily anchored to an immutable endpoint. As such, it encourages one to take chances and leaps of faith along the way as even minor changes to a seemingly predetermined course can have a significant impact on where life ultimately takes her.
Raido Rune Symbol
journey + initiative + personal direction
Raido (RYE-doh) refers to the journey of life; it encourages one to make informed decisions and take initiative so that she may move, with purpose, toward something new, exciting or more promising. Radio challenges one to break old habits and embrace the here and now as every individual soul has the power to determine her own personal direction in life. Radio also serves as a reminder that the actual path that one chooses to follow in life should be as rewarding as the place that she ultimately hopes to end up because life itself is a journey, not a destination.
Sowilo Rune Symbol
warmth + positivity + success
Sowilo (so-WEE-lo) is the rune of the Sun. It symbolizes warmth and vital energy and represents the embodiment of all things positive – from good health to limitless learning potential to victory over suffering. Sowilo projects wholeness and represents the link between the conscious and subconscious minds. When such a connection exists it produces a spiritual awareness that provides guidance and protection and helps one to stay focused on and dedicated to following only those pathways in life that will lead to successful outcomes.
Thurisaz Rune Symbol
protection + patience + perseverance
Thurisaz literally means thorn. It is a point that protects against aggressors while powering its way through the world via the unconscious forces of the psyche. Thurisaz (TOO-ree-saz) encourages the confrontation of fear and obliges one to overcome personal trepidation so as to shatter obstacles and reveal new, exciting opportunities. Thurisaz can also act as a reminder for one to employ patience, contemplation and care when confronted by forces that are beyond her control.
Tiwaz Rune Symbol
spiritual warrior + honor + justice
Tiwaz (TEE-wahz) is the rune of the spiritual warrior, the guardian, someone who gives of herself tirelessly and expects nothing in return. It represents a dignified strength that manifests as righteous courage and symbolizes a conscious recognition that one’s actions are guided by proper and rational balance, honor and justice. Tiwaz is also the rune of positive regulation. Being shaped as an arrow indicates the concentration of decisive forces that, when implemented, lend one the power to aptly evaluate any circumstance with both virtue and integrity.
Uruz Rune Symbol
inner strength + determination + vitality
Uruz (OO-rooz) is the rune of pure, unharnessed primal energy and inner strength fueled by raw determination, courage and tenacity. It represents a type of strength more powerful than that of mere brute force dominance and control because it allows for endurance, flexibility and adaptation. As such, the Uruz rune may indicate that one has matured beyond and outgrown her current life situation, suggesting that it is time to embrace meaningful change that will promote personal progress and foster positive individual growth.
Wunjo Rune Symbol
joy + companionship + emotional satisfaction
Wunjo (WHUN-joe) is the rune of joy and pleasure and it embodies all forms of satisfaction. Wunjo values companionship and encourages one to nurture personal relationships; it notes the importance of associating with the right people and of taking loving care of valued partnerships. Wunjo also urges one to recognize happiness as a humbling experience and to spread joy whenever possible. Striving to help others also achieve happiness will in turn further heighten the level of emotional satisfaction that she enjoys in her own life.